Pump Up The Grind

October 11, 2023


This year’s event will be held on Wednesday October 11th, 2023 at the Classic Center in downtown Athens, Georgia. Nearby venues will also host a live-stream of the event, available to purchase for people outside of Athens. Click here to purchase tickets to this year's event!

Join the Fun

We pride ourselves on hosting the largest Panhellenic philanthropy on campus, and strive on bettering our event each year. In October 2023, we raised over $130,000 and hope to raise even more this Fall. Click here to purchase the livestream of the event! 

The Minds Behind the Grind

Zephy Schroeder is the SDT Greek Grind Coordinator. She is a first year from Atlanta, GA studying Finance. She is so thankful to have the chance to plan this amazing event and cannot wait to see what the event will hold!

Jenna Shaffer is SDT’s Vice President of Philanthropy. She is a a second year from outside of Atlanta, and is studying Psychology and Biology at UGA. She is incredibly excited to contribute to such a meaningful event and is counting down the days unit we Pump Up the Grind!

Bianca Firestone is the Chapter President of Sigma Delta Tau. She is a second year from New York, NY and currently studying Finance. She is so thankful to have the opportunity to help make SDTGG 2023 an amazing event!